Web Archiving Made Easy

KEN™ Web Archiving Platform is a complete Cloud suite that will enable users to collect any web content, preserve it in native format and replay it as if it was live.

Regulatory Compliance

KEN™ ensures compliance and non-repudiation with E-records keeping rules and enables E-discovery professionals (SEC/FINRA regulations) and Public Records to capture web content on the go.

General Data
Protection Regulation

KEN™ ensures compliance with data protection in the EU (GDPR), and Finance industry (MiFID 2) in order to give professionals and citizens control over their Online personal data (Websites, Social Media).

Digital Preservation

Native support of the WARC Iso file Format, Capture of multiple websites with the highest quality. Creating your own institutional web archives collections has never been so easy.
No more complexity, using the KEN™ interface anyone can archive a website and replay it. KEN™ is the industry’s first multi-platform web archiving software (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)


Thanks to its intuitive and easy to use web interface KEN™ is the first multi-platform fully automated web crawler to enable web archiving on a personal level.

Quality Web Archiving

KEN™ is a complete web crawler that combines the best of both focused and broad crawling techniques therefore improving the quality while still remaining highly scalable.

Native Support for
ISO WARC File Format

The standard for web archive container files is WARC — the Web Archiving file format — ISO standard ISO/DIS 28500. It is already being adopted as the foundation for web archive storage and preservation. KEN™ generates fully compliant WARC Files.

Fine Grained Scoping

Thanks to its new URL filtering techniques, KEN™ enables the users to customize the scoping of the capture for maximum accuracy.

Scheduled and
Recurring Crawls

Schedule your crawls to run automatically (ex. daily, weekly, etc.) with support of different TimeZones.

Regulatory Compliance

KEN™ offers full compliance with the latest E-Records keeping rules (e.g FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, FDA, etc.) and Public Records. Every single resource that KEN™ Captures is digitally signed and time-stamped

Archives Playback

Using the «Cobalt» playback engine, KEN™ is able to display the archived content at high speed and ensure via «KEN Viewer» that there will be no mixup results with the live version.

Intuitive User Interface

KEN™ uses a clean and modern looking interface, that will allow the users to create, manage and browse the archives.

Instant PDF Export

One-click on-demand export feature produces a high quality PDF screenshot of the page you are browsing.

[ On-Premises ]

Recommended Configuration for In-House Deployment

    4GB +

    500GB +

    Intel i5+,
    AMD FX+

Symmetric MultiProcessing Support SMP


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